• Our orchids - stars in the grass

    Friday 28th April, 2017

    Orchids in a meadow

    Exotic and striking in appearance, orchids can be found in a diverse range of habitats - now is the perfect time to discover them, with the Wildlife Trust’s guide to orchids

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  • Help needed to tackle Himalayan balsam along New Forest river banks from May

    Tuesday 18th April, 2017

    Volunteers pulling balsam along the Cadnam River

    New volunteers are being sought by the New Forest Non-Native Plants Project, which is helping to stop the spread of invasive non-native plants in a series of volunteer events starting in May

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  • Easter survey reveals the need for faster action on peat-free gardening

    Thursday 13th April, 2017

    Sundew plant

    As the nation’s gardeners prepare for spring, a new survey reveals a lack of real choice for consumers looking for peat-free composts at garden centres and other outlets

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  • Natural path to happiness gets results

    Wednesday 12th April, 2017

    Flowers along a path

    Sunshine for the soul: 30 Days Wild benefits health and wellbeing

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  • Testwood Lakes Bird Sightings March 2017

    Tuesday 11th April, 2017

    Cattle Egret Flying, Graham Hoggarth

    Testwood Lakes Bird Sightings March 2017

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  • Brutal dog attack leaves sheep horrifically injured

    Friday 7th April, 2017

    Shetland sheep grazing at St Catherine's Hill

    A dog mauling at the Wildlife Trust’s St Catherine’s Hill nature reserve near Winchester has left a sheep so badly injured it has had to be put down

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  • Landowners called upon to stop the ‘creep’ before it is too late

    Wednesday 29th March, 2017

    Creeping water primrose

    We are calling on landowners on the River Avon catchment to remain vigilant for an invasive non-native plant whose rampant growth can have serious consequences for wetland habitats.

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  • Call for community's memories of Milton Locks

    Tuesday 28th March, 2017

    Milton Locks nature reserve

    Do you remember the houseboats at Milton Locks? Did you enjoy playing there and exploring the seashore?

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  • New volunteers needed to get stuck in to help wildlife

    Tuesday 21st March, 2017

    Volunteers socialising over lunch

    We're recruiting for an army of new volunteers in North Hampshire to help deliver conservation work as part of two new projects in the area

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  • ‘Sticking and flicking’ is no better than littering

    Friday 17th March, 2017

    Dog walker on St Catherine's Hill © Matt Doggett

    Poo bags hanging from branches are a distressingly common blight on our local countryside, but we argue that the recent campaign to abandon bags in favour of the ‘stick and flick’ approach is not the answer

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