• Pledge your support during Invasive Species Week

    Tuesday 13th March, 2018

    The local community is being marshalled in the battle against invasive non-native species as part of a national initiative to raise awareness of the impact these introduced species can have on wildlife and people.

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  • Defra has announced a consultation on the expansion of the badger cull to new counties, including Hampshire

    Monday 12th March, 2018

    Badger © Dr David Williams

    A Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust spokesperson said: “We’re very disappointed to see that Defra is continuing the roll out of badger culling across the country, and that we might soon see culling in Hampshire for the first time.

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  • Helping wildlife through the cold snap

    Friday 2nd March, 2018

    Simple things you can do at home to help local wildlife survive the cold

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  • Severe weather and nature reserve closures

    Thursday 1st March, 2018

    Ellingham Lake at Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve

    Due to severe and hazardous weather on 1-2 Mar, several of our nature reserves are fully or partially closed

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  • New report points to 30% decline in water vole distribution

    Monday 26th February, 2018

    Water vole

    A new analysis of data collected over ten years by a network of experts led by The Wildlife Trusts has revealed that water vole distribution has declined dramatically.

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  • Farmers group together to restore nature across the local landscape

    Friday 9th February, 2018

    Hampshire farmers work together to improve the natural environment.

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  • Testwood Lakes Bird Sightings January 2018

    Tuesday 6th February, 2018

    Pochard by Dave Fokker

    Testwood Lakes Bird Sightings January 2018

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  • Late winter wildlife and the first signs of spring

    Monday 5th February, 2018

    As the cold begins to subside and the days get gradually longer, a few subtle signs of spring are beginning to emerge.

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  • Secret cameras reveal hidden lives of wildlife at Totton nature reserve

    Tuesday 30th January, 2018

    A great white egret and a grey heron

    Motion sensor cameras at our Testwood Lakes nature reserve have revealed an up close and personal portrait of some of the wildlife haven’s more elusive residents

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  • Volunteers get to work at Romsey’s newest nature reserve

    Tuesday 30th January, 2018

    Volunteers at Fishlake Meadows

    A group of 13 Wildlife Trust volunteers met for the first time to mark the start of the restoration of Fishlake Meadows nature reserve, near Romsey.

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