Hockley Meadows Farm

Artist's impression of Hockley Meadows Farm by Dan PowellArtist's impression of Hockley Meadows Farm by Dan Powell

Hockley Meadows Farm Success - we've reached our appeal target!

A big thank you to everyone who donated to our Hockley Meadows Farm appeal. We are delighted to say that your Wildlife Trust is now the proud owner of this fantastic 31-acre farm in Twyford.

Thank you for making this possible

We received more than 1,800 individual donations to the appeal, as well as donations from charitable foundations and corporate supporters. These, combined with a generous gift left to the Trust in a Will, meant that we were able to complete on the sale of the farm at the end of February.

Your generous donations totalled an amazing £241,205, exceeding our
original £200,000 target. As promised, the additional funds raised through the appeal will be used to support the ongoing maintenance and management of Hockley Meadows Farm and our other reserves.

Our staff are busy on the farm making improvements to the fencing and barns and our first animals, a flock of sheep and a herd of British White cattle, have already moved onto site. We will be lambing our flock of sheep at the farm throughout April. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Farm and the Appeal can be downloaded here.

Thank you very much for your donations to this appeal.
We have been blown away by your generosity and support.

About the Farm

Hockley Meadows Farm sits within a significant area of floodplain meadow in Twyford (see location map), which supports key species such as water vole, otter, marsh marigold and the rare southern damselfly.

Water meadows bursting with wildlife used to be a common sight in the Itchen Valley but between 1976 and 1994 over 45% of species-rich floodplain grassland in Hampshire was lost. On top of this, changes in management of the remaining water meadows have also lead to catastrophic declines in species such as lapwing and snipe. We will manage the site to benefit wildlife and as a working farm for our conservation grazing herd of cattle and sheep. We have been working for many years to rejuvenate the Itchen Valley’s precious water meadows, building better-connected and more robust habitats to support the important species that rely on them.

Hockley Meadows Farm’s central location makes it a cornerstone for all of the other work we have been carrying out – a key piece in the jigsaw amongst the sites we manage in the Itchen Valley.