September Wildlife Experiences

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Red squirrels are at their most visible during the autumn as they forage for and stash nuts

Once a common animal across the country, the red squirrel has disappeared from great swathes of the country. The Isle of Wight is one of only two places in England where there are no grey squirrels to out-compete their cousins, meaning reds are flourishing. With distinctive russet fur, tufted ears and twitching tail, a native red squirrel is a captivating sight.

How to do it:

Like most wild animals, red squirrels tend to be shy of people - so keep as quiet as you can.

A good first place to look is on bird feeders! Red squirrels are just as keen on peanuts as their grey cousins, and they may come to feeders if they are available. A good bet is to visit Bouldnor Forest nature reserve on the Isle of Wight, where red squirrels still thrive.

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