Secrets of the Solent

We have an amazing opportunity to keep our Solent wild and wonderful for years to come - with your help!

Many thanks for your contributions to our Crowdfunding campaign to protect our Solent's wildlife. The Crowdfunding is now closed, but if you would still like to contribute towards this exciting project, please click the Donate button below.

The Solent is one of the busiest stretches of sea in the UK, with millions of people visiting and enjoying it every year. 

But did you know that our amazing underwater landscapes are home to seals, elusive seahorses, and colourful anemones, as well as feisty crabs, strange-looking sea squirts and intelligent cuttlefish?

However our seas are under real pressure and as a result marine wildlife has declined rapidly in recent years. Already this year we've seen waves of plastic wash up on our beaches, and emergency measures introduced to save our once-thriving oyster industry.

Over the last year we've been talking to local people and organisations about getting involved in protecting our Solent as part of a new project. But we need your help.

Every £1 we can raise now gives us the chance to unlock an extra £9.85 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

With your support, and the Heritage Lottery Fund, we’ll get many more people involved in doing things to support the sea:

We will create 'citizen science' projects, working with local volunteers to collect data about what’s on our shores and in our seas. This is a really important part of helping us push for greater government protections for the Solent.

We’ll promote local sustainable seafood by working with the fishing industry, restaurants and consumers

We’ll build a team of ‘marine champions’ –an army of volunteers who can help protect the Solent and pass on their passion to others.

We’ll share the spectacular secrets of the Solent and bring our invisible treasures to the surface through street art, photography and film. 

Please be a part of keeping our Solent special:

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