Secrets of the Solent

Our Solent is home to some amazing wildlife and habitats, which have shaped our history, and continue to play a crucial part in our lives

From seals to seahorses, rocky reefs to seagrass meadows - our local seas are home to some incredible wildlife. Secrets of the Solent is a chance for you to get involved in protecting our marine wildlife.

The Solent and waters around the Isle of Wight is home to nationally and internationally important wildlife - though many people don’t realise we have such a rich marine heritage on our doorstep. Seagrass beds, chalk reefs, and rocky sponge gardens are among the habitats that form a diverse and beautiful landscape that supports a whole host of animals, from our resident seals, elusive seahorses, and colourful anemones, to feisty crabs, strange-looking sea squirts and intelligent cuttlefish.

Yet our local seas are also heavily used; the Solent is under great pressure from increasing development and activities such as shipping, fishing, pollution and recreation - which threaten the long-term sustainability of our marine environment.


Seahorse © Julie Hatcher Wildlife needs us

With the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, we're working with local communities and businesses to celebrate the diversity of our local marine wildlife and ensure habitats are protected for the future.

After many years of campaigning, some of our local seas are on their way towards being managed for conservation - though there's a lot of work to do. More wildlife habitats need our protection to recover and flourish for future generations.

Through Secrets of the Solent we'll work with sea users, local businesses, tourism operators and communities to raise awareness of our fragile marine environment and the importance and value of marine protections. 


Get involved

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Will you become a Marine Champion and raise awareness of our fantastic local marine wildlife? Marine Champions are volunteer ambassadors for our local seas - you will be provided with support, resources and training to learn about and campaign for protections for our marine heritage. If you or someone you know would like to be involved, let us know below:


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