Secrets of the Solent

If you have any questions about our Secrets of the Solent project, contact or if you would like to put yourself forward as a future ‘marine champion’ or citizen scientist, then please e-mail

Secrets of the Solent

We have an amazing opportunity to keep our Solent wild and wonderful for years to come - with your help!

Huge thanks to the many people that supported the Development Phase of our Secrets of the Solent project. So many people have generously donated to our appeal, carried out fundraising and volunteered for a wide range of project activities.

We were pleased to submit our Stage 2 application to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) at the end of November 2017. We are now keeping our fingers crossed until it goes to their committee in March 2018, when they will decide whether to grant the £640,000 we have requested to deliver our 4-year Secrets of the Solent project.

Our application sets out the ways in which we want to get more people involved in doing this to protect and support the Solent. These include:

  • Promoting local sustainable seafood, working with the fishing industry, restaurants and consumers
  • Building a network of ‘marine champions’ – a team of volunteers who can help to protect the Solent and pass their passion onto others.
  • Creating citizen science projects – collecting data about what’s on our shores and in our seas. This is a really important part of helping us push for greater protections for the Solent.

We also intend to share the spectacular secrets of the Solent and bring our invisible treasures to the surface through street art, photography and film.

In the meantime, although we have raised an amazing £40,000 in match funding for the project, we still need a further £25,000 to reach our target. So, if you want to be a part of keeping our Solent special, please donate now to make this happen.