The UK seas are an amazing life support system. They absorb vast quantities of carbon dioxide, while releasing oxygen for us to breathe. They provide us with essential resources like seafood and energy. They are popular playgrounds, enjoyed for sport and relaxation. All of this at the same time as being a home to beautiful and unique wildlife.

As you look out from a local beach it is sometimes hard to imagine anything living beneath the grey waves. Yet the seas around Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are home to some wonderful animals and plants including the colourful dahlia anemone, the magical seahorse and the beautiful cuckoo wrasse. And that’s not all; we have some of the best examples in the country of golden-green meadows of seagrasses and some of the richest areas for skates and rays.

Creating Living Seas

We want to see these diverse habitats cherished and become Living Seas, where marine life thrives, from the depths of the ocean to the coastal shallows. We believe it is possible to achieve Living Seas around the UK within 20 years – just a single generation – but only if opportunities are seized right now.

We are currently running a number of marine projects across the region.