Solent Seagrass Champion

Solent Seagrass Champion

Location: Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Across the two counties
Take an active role in restoring our vitally important seagrass meadows and help us create a wilder Solent.

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As part of our Seagrass Restoration Project, we are looking for volunteers to help assist with the monitoring, surveying and planting of seagrass in the Solent. Seagrass meadows are incredibly important for keeping our seas healthy and provide a home for all kinds of marine life. They have the potential to sequester and store huge amounts of carbon dissolved in our seas and are therefore a fantastic asset in the fight against climate change. 

Being a Solent Seagrass Champion is a great way to experience and explore this amazing habitat, while also gaining new practical skills and knowledge of the work required to secure its future.

You don't need any particular background or experience for this role, just enthusiasm and a love for the Solent's marine life. You’ll receive full training to prepare you, and ongoing support from the project team. Some activities and locations will require you to be physically fit.