Standing up for badgers

Standing up for badgers

Badger © Dr David Williams

Badgers are being culled across parts of England, harming our wildlife and cattle.

The government has given the go-ahead for the shooting of badgers across eight counties, arguing that it will help control the spread of the disease bovine tuberculosis (bTB).

We are firmly opposed to the culls. We are very aware bTB causes in the farming community, as owners of a growing herd of cattle as part of our conservation grazing programme.

Badger in grass

© Darin Smith

Culling is not the answer

However the reality is that though badgers can carry bTB, less than 6% of outbreaks are actually caused by badgers. In fact human movement of cattle to and from infected areas is the main cause of bTB spreading.

Not only is culling badgers cruel and ineffective, but evidence suggests that it is actually counterproductive. Shooting badgers disrupts their social groups, and forces them to range more widely. The result? The disease spreads further and more quickly.

Badger bTB vaccination

© Tom Marshall

Vaccinating badgers

The Wildlife Trusts are vaccinating badgers to show how it's more effective at controlling the spread of bTB. The data we collect will add to the growing body of evidence showing that culling is not the answer.

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