Saving our bees

Saving our bees

White-tailed bumblebee © Penny Frith

Our bees are in crisis

Two British species have gone extinct since the start of the 21st century, with more on the brink every year. 

We need our bees

Britain’s bees are among the 1500 pollinator species that are essential to our food production. Without them the price of British apples could double, and other foods would disappear altogether from our dinner plates. More importantly, they’re vital to our local ecosystems, helping our wild flowers and plants grow and spread.

Pesticides and habitat loss

However toxic chemicals like neonicotinoids are poisoning our wild and honey bees, causing colonies to collapse. At the same time a staggering 98% loss of wildflower-rich habitats mean food sources are becoming harder and harder for them to find. It’s a perfect storm.

Act for bees

Our bees and other pollinators are in trouble - numbers have plummeted over recent years, with grave consequences in store for both wildlife and us. However there is plenty you can do to reverse the decline

Act for bees

Campaigning for a ban on toxic neonicotinoids

Nationally we’re also campaigning for a UK-wide ban on toxic neonicotinoids, which are seriously harming our bees. And locally we’re raising awareness of what we can all do to help bees in our patch.

Find out more about our campaigning work to protect other species, and our work to improve land use for wildlife.

Marjoram © Clive Chatters

Marjoram © Clive Chatters

Helping our bees

At the Wildlife Trusts we’ve been restoring wild places for bees and butterflies across the two counties, both on our nature reserves and beyond.

We are transforming Barton Meadows Nature Reserve from an agricultural field into a wildflower haven for pollinators. We have re-seeded 28 hectares of the site with traditional wildflowers like birdsfoot trefoil, meadow buttercup and greater knapweed. Over time these will feed and provide shelter for a wide range of bees, butterflies and other pollinators, for years to come.