Outdoor Learning Resources

Children using Wildlife Watch resources © Lianne de Mello

The Trust is here to support you and your pupils and students in engaging with nature. Connecting to nature and learning outdoors increases children's learning ability and help them focus. We have designed our resources for students of all age groups and with plenty of suggestions for how you can integrate activities within your lesson plans.

Wilder Schools Pledge

Citizen Science

We need your help to create a baseline of the wildlife we have now so we can track our progress. We have a good range of records for our nature reserves and the spaces we manage, but we need you to tell us what wildlife you can see from your windows, what visits your balcony and what’s living in your garden. We have a range of citizen science surveys to complete. Turn them into lessons about science, maths, and English.

Wildlife Watch groups

Take action for wildlife, get creative and go wild with our fun activity sheets and resources. The Wildlife Watch website is a great place to find activity sheets and spotter sheets for children as well as resources such as online games and downloads like ringtones, computer wallpapers, posters & t-shirt transfers.

Borrow kits from the Trust

Marine Loans kits are available for schools and groups to book to support learning about marine habitats and conservation of their local environment.

Marine Loan Box

Marine loan box

Marine loan box

Our kits contain all you need to deliver an engaging session at a local coastline or support a topic in class. We have Primary or Secondary Kits for visits to a coast, a Primary Indoor Kit with a teacher resource pack, books, DVDs and plastic mould sea creatures, and a Beach Clean Kit for organised litter picking events.

Kits are loaned at £30 for 3 weeks, subject to terms and conditions.

Contact us to book a kit 

Milton Locks Discovery Box

Milton Locks Heritage Art Day, as part of Milton's Hidden Seashore project, taken by Paul Gonella, on 12th August 2016

Milton Locks Heritage Art Day Paul ©Gonella

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund, between January 2016 and June  2018, the Milton’s Hidden Seashore  project worked to bring Milton Locks nature reserve back to the heart of the community. You can still visit with your school. Book a Discovery Box to help you with your visit, free to Portsmouth schools.

Contact us to book a box